Why Conflict Costs More: Financial Benefits of Mediation

It is no secret that divorce litigation is extremely expensive. In the  United |Kingdom the average cost of a divorce ranges from £15,000 to £30,000 on the low end. It isn’t unreasonable to expect some divorces to end up in the six figures. With two parties already struggling to adjust to the financial implications of splitting a household, the extra burden of a costly divorce causes further stress and complexity.

The large price tag of a modern divorce is due to exorbitant lawyer’s fees for each party. Conflict is simply the gasoline thrown upon the divorce fire. While this all seems very “doom and gloom”, there is a very simple and affordable solution to divorce: mediation.

Conflict Drives Business

Lawyers embrace conflict. They are trained to argue on behalf of their client. Further conflict in a family law case only serves to further line their pockets. With little to no motivation to resolve an issue, divorces continue to lengthen in duration. Family law litigation is a multi million industry that is fed off the suffering of parties who are speaking through lawyers that have no interest in compromise. However, as long as parties continue to choose litigation, this war-like environment will continue to persist.

Mediation Is the Future of Divorce

A conflict-centric method of divorce is not sustainable, particularly in an economy where people can barely afford the necessities. There has been a recent shift towards alternative dispute resolution methods to replace traditional court filings. This is due to a few different reasons, primarily:

  • Instead of two lawyers, each party only bears ½ the cost of a mediator.
  • Mediators often offer flat rate or lower hourly rates than lawyers.
  • Mediation is confidential while litigation is not.
  • Mediation fosters a respectful relationship, which is important when parties have to co-parent post-divorce.

While the economic benefits are initially what attract couples towards mediation, many parties feel that mediation sessions are much more productive and less stressful than the calculated and cold court procedures.

If you are interested in how affordable your divorce can be with the use of mediation, contact the Mediation for Separating Families today. 0121 454 1007.

Asha Rani

Asha is a Certified and Approved Family Mediator, she did her Certificate of Completeness with National Family Mediation and is qualified to undertake Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings "MIAMS".

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